Investment Strategy 2020-2022


The RSHA invests in RD&E to reduce death, injury and illness and enhance health and wellbeing across all rural industries, through enhancing the capability of industry participants to identify and manage their critical health and safety risks.


The scope of the investments will be informed by RDC's determining priorities relevant to their sector, where investment can have both human and economic impact. This may include farm-gate outcomes, whole of supply chain solutions and rural community engagement.

Investment Objectives & Priorities: 

Two key objectives contain a total of five priorities for RD&E investment.

  • Impact:
    • 1. Risk Management, 
    • 2. Adoption and Behaviour Change

  • Capacity Building: 
    • 3. Leadership
    • 4. Communication
    • 5. Learning

The RSHA is committed to an uplift in past cross-sector investment, and a more focused strategy for improved return on value.

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